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Insuring your Future…

life_insurance Long ago, people realized that there is strength in numbers. For hundreds of years, we have been joining forces against all kinds of calamities — including financial troubles.

The concept of insurance is simply that if enough of us can pool our money to form a large enough fund, then together we can handle practically any financial disaster. Our motivation for contributing to this fund is our own eligibility to draw from it in the event of a disaster. One for all and all for one, so to speak.

An early example of the concept comes from the Code of Hammurabi, Babylonian laws dating back to 1700 B.C., which contain a credit insurance provision. For a little higher interest, the ancients could exempt themselves from repayment of loans in the event of personal misfortune. A citizen of the Roman Empire could buy life insurance through the Collegia Tenuiorum for slaves…

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5 Polytechnic High School Students Land $1K Payday After Getting Into MIT

CBS Los Angeles

SUN VALLEY ( — Five exceptional students from Sun Valley’s Polytechnic High School are being rewarded for their efforts after getting accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Andrew Koh, Reymundo Cano, Kevin Escobar, GiMin Choi and William Lopez-Cordero recently received their acceptance letters. And now Farmers Insurance has handed each student $1,000 to get them started at college.

Chuck Browning, head of Sponsorships and Corporate Giving, applauded the students’ efforts.

“It’s an incredible accomplishment. I mean, how often do you have one school with five students who have achieved what these students have – attendance at MIT?” Browning asked.

Farmers also gave $5,000 to the math and science magnet – a thank you for inspiring students like the “MIT 5” to reach their goals.

“I’m really proud, I’m so happy to see them succeeding like this, going to MIT. This has been their dream for lots of years,” teacher…

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Perennial Favorites: Build a Better Blogroll

The Daily Post

Blogging is 50% publishing, 50% community. Linking to blogs you love is a great way to foster the latter — here are our favorite tips for putting together a great blogroll.

May I be frank? Because I feel like we’re friends.

I love a blogroll.

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time trying to find my blogular niche. I’m a Reader power user, but the ever-expanding vastness of the blogosphere can still be overwhelming. Enter: the blogroll. When I find a blog I like, I’m always excited to see a blogroll — it’s like getting recommendations from a friend rather than blindly falling down the rabbit hole of the internet. Throw in the community- and traffic-building benefits, and a blogroll becomes a win-win-win-win proposition.

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